The optimized application allows you to create almost any network structure you want to make. Networks can be subsequently trained for a purpose
como averiguar digitos escritos por humanos o incluso imagenes.

The neural network can be tested and even saved on your computer and in the cloud so that another person I can use it already in my heart.

The innovative design facilitates the use of the application and its functionalities
in addition to having many features.

The neural network can be tested and even saved on your computer and in the cloud so that another person I can use it already in my heart.


The application can be installed for any operating system in the button below
For the application to save files you will need to give administrator permissions or store the application in an unprivileged folder

Windows x32 Windows x64 Mac OSX Linux
Installer Windows installer x64 Windows installer x32 SOON MacOSX installer Linux installer


AIEditor provides a series of advantages in AI so that anyone can take advantage of it
Artificial intelligence is currently growing in importance for the future of our society
This application will help you create intelligent objects that you will learn by themselves

NET CREATION With grpahics With datasets With commands
USE OF TOOLS With buttons With buttons With COMMANDS
EDITION Net initialization Hide/see nets Manually mode
TRAINING Previsualize data Edit data Take manually datasets
TEST Use a predefinied canvas Custom canvas Test neural network


The application offers facilities when creating neural networks.

  • Add layers
  • Add neurons in each layer
  • Move/edit neurons and layers
  • Fast command creation
  • Intelligent mode with datasets


Thanks to the learning system you can get the program to guess almost anything to
with training examples

  • Custom learning rate
  • Edit activation function
  • Fast learning
  • Minibatch gradient descent
  • Previsualize learning

You will be able to visualize all the information of your samples through our image viewer

  • Ease when it comes to the abundance of images
  • Improved performance
  • Reduced bugs


To test the network or even train it manually you will have this window
with which you can draw and the program interprets that drawing or image numerically

  • Width and heihgt of canvas
  • Custom edition
  • Learning view

Draw with our image editor and then the network will interpret your information

  • Paint your way
  • Included image editor
  • Zooming
  • Stroke editor
  • Color editor

Easy, simple and with potential application

AIEditor offers you the opportunity for a program to learn but you can only share your progress

Yes, you can save your neural networks on your computer, send it by gmail and even save it to your Retopall account

  • Ability of loading and saving networks
  • License system
  • Included documentation

Always security

If you want no one to steal your information, all DBApplications applications have an encryption system besides that all your data is safe